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Organised for the eighth successive year by the

With help from
Grange and Carnforth
Rotary clubs and a few
cycling friends

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SUNDAY APRIL 30th 2017

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Terms and Conditions


We the organisers have a responsibility and duty of care towards our participants. The following regulations are to be followed for the duration of the event.
You must be over 18 years of age on the day of the event to ride Wrynose and Bay dash. Younger riders may ride with written parental consent.

Entry Terms & Conditions

Entry confirmation will be posted on the website www.sientries.co.uk (Entry List) after cheques have cleared or the online booking procedure has been completed. Further information on these events can be obtained from www.wrynose.org or www.cyclosport.org.

Participants must agree to have read the event regulations and agree to abide by the regulations and accept the entry terms and conditions as stated above by the organiser.

Event Insurance Terms & Conditions

Cycling is a very popular activity in which the contact with nature is fundamental. We firmly ask participants not to throw anything on the roads (paper, wrap, bottles, etc.), the natural environment must be preserved and the logevity of this event depends on this. Trash bags will be available for at controls and stations where you can dispose of our empty bottles, wappers etc. Give the environment the respect it deserves.

Cyclosportives are not races, they are challenge rides, organisers should not encourage or promote their events on that basis. We reserve the right to cancel the insurance should we deem the event as such.

Payment for insurance (included as part of the rider’s fee) is required seven days before the event takes place for cover to be in place.

A risk assessment must be filed 14 days prior to the event for cover to be in place. The risk assessment covers the organiser and the insurers in the event of an accident, whereby an enquiry be made from a legal viewpoint.

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